I went into this class thinking, oh this is just a gen ed, easy class to get out of the way. And taking this class has really changed my views on a lot of things. I really enjoyed the class and the readings. All of the readings were broken down in manageable loads so you didn’t feel overwhelmed. The way the readings were wrote were interesting and informative and made you want to read more. As a professor I really liked the way she arranged the class, I love blogging anyways so it fit right into my daily life.

My views of a feminist changed greatly, my views on being a white female changed drastically. I learned a lot of stats that changed my idea of healthcare and the business world. I actually talk about many of the readings with my parents and my friends. My favorite piece of the class was the portion on gender sexuality and racism. I already had a strong position on these situations but being able to read articles about it and voice my opinion was something that I really enjoyed. After the course I consider myself to be a feminist, which before the class I didn’t really believe that.

I would definitely recommend this class to my friends, boys and girls alike. I enjoyed it being in an online setting because the way it is set up it works really well. Having said that I would have also enjoyed to take it in the classroom because I would like to interact with other students and their opinions in a classroom environment. The grading was fair and the professor was great. She sets the class up really well, and the work load is very manageable.

From this class I learned that it’s everyday women like me that change the world. I can make a change just by standing up for myself as a women. I take more pride in being a women, and asserting myself just like a man would. I have learned so many things from this class and I think in the future it will actually make me a stronger woman.


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