Eco Feminism/ The Future

Eco Feminism

Women have come in strong with the idea of eating local and seasonal food. About eating healthier and fresher foods. To bring families and communities together with the idea of being framers that give food straight to tables. Women have been the groundbreaking idealists behind the movement, but again somehow get overlooked.  Ideas like urban gardens, edible schoolyards, buy fresh buy local, and food literacy initiative were all started by women. It seems to me that it is always the women starting the movements and then the men getting the press for it. Women tend to focus on the common need for the idea and filling that need, and men focus on getting the attention for it.

“The total number of women operating farms increased 19 percent, far surpassing the overall 7 percent increase in farmers,” ( Cognard-Black. pg 641). Women are becoming more and more present in agriculture so that they can sustainably live without the help of men.  The work these women are doing has created a small revolution. It changes the way people think about food production and food preparation.  Women normally manage small diverse farms that cut out the middle man.  They have created the Green Roofs for cities like New York that don’t have the room for full blown gardens.

This issue has been developing rapidly and women are at the head of the revolution. Healthier lifestyles and fresher foods are really important for our economy and our population. These small farms and ideals are important to keep a closer watch on what we are consuming and the way it is being grown and packaged. It is also a great way to cut out the awful way migrant workers are treated.

This article explains the idea of eco feminism and how the oppression of women and the oppression of our environment are connected. Women master the control of nature by developing healthier ways to grow food and prepare food.

This picture is a representation of a green roof in New York City. It utilizes the roof tops to promote healthier food and local growing.

The Future

Think about this, when Elizabeth Cady Stanton took a standard, in her time feminists were fighting for the right to own their land. Simply to be able to take simple action without the authority of a man looming over them. Now in 2012 look how far we have come. Women can own their own homes, have jobs just like a man. Don’t have to look for approval from a man. Although women are still not treated as equals, feminism has made great strides.

“Activism is one of the most confused concepts we know,” (Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards. pg 608). To press forward we need women to step up and what to make a foot step. These women are women just like me and you. A woman living her life and deciding that what she is offered just isn’t enough anymore. It’s as simple as not laughing at an inappropriate joke or as complicated as rallying for the right for abortions for women. ” What all feminists have in common is this: they saw an injustice and used their rage to become everyday activists,” (Baumgardner and Richards. pg 608).  Women have the power and strength to change the world.

In 50 years I hope to look back and remember the days were women didn’t receive the same benefits as men, where women were pressured to marry and have children, and were women couldn’t receive the same pay as men. I want the world to develop into something that gives women the same options as men. Where gay and lesbians can adopt and marry and not be criticized. Do I think that we will ever make it there? I do, but it won’t be achieved without everyday women standing up. Did Mrs. Cady Stanton ever think she would be able to vote or own property? She didn’t know, but she knew that the risk was well worth taking.

This article is about a women who went to a conference where a woman first spoke. She explains her thoughts on where women have been and how far we have come.


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