Sex Trafficking: Sex Slaves Across America.

I recently watched an MSNBC episode about sex trafficking. The documentary covered many women who testified that they had been offered higher paying jobs, and these women accepted them because they had children to take care of, or just wanted the opportunity. When they arrived they were beat and raped and forced to stay there because of the fear. The traffickers kept them there against there will be telling the women that if they left their family would be murdered or that they would be hurt themselves. The women were so struck by fear that they couldn’t leave. This industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry, even though there are measures being taken, the industry continues to grow. This happens right in your backyard. Cities such as San Francisco, Detroit, and Texas have many establishments that harbor trafficked women.

Everyone wonders how these women just stay there for years and do what their owners demand. The women are so stricken by fear, and often not speaking the language feel like they have nowhere to turn. They feel like they have this debt to pay back to their traffickers. Many of the women live in apartments that are locked and heavily wired. The front and back doors have cameras, and there are high tech listening devices in the apartments so the traffickers know everything the women do. This isn’t something the women choose to do, its thrust upon them. This issue is very real and is something that people don’t realize is going on.

This documentary for me was very informative. I chose to watch it because I have heard bits and pieces of the issue but I didn’t realize the magnitude of the situation. I often watch MSNBC documentaries and they are always interesting and informative so I decided to watch this particular one. It really opened my mind to the idea of prostitution, it isn’t always the women who is strung out choosing to work the streets. The majority of it is women who are forced into it by being bought into the sex trafficking ring.

This documentary connects to our readings about sexual abuse of women and rape. The sexual abuse of women seems to be out of control. The women are controlled by the fear, and this thought that men have this power over them. The worst part about this is that men readily participate in this illegal act. Some of the women are as young as 14 years old, and the men don’t even stop to think maybe she is here against her will. Most of the men are married and could have a young daughter at home, and they still choose to go through with the act. What is even worse is that some of the establishments were owned and run  by women, they are so in fear they are putting their own gender through hell.

I was watching the documentary my brother said, hey you know something like that happened here in Richmond. Well I googled it, and sure enough found an article about two parents who trafficked there own 2 daughters who were 13 and 14. This issue is very real, and happens right in your back yard. In San Francisco the establishments that harbor these women are just blocks from the most expensive boutiques. This documentary opened my eyes to a very real and scary issue.


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