Relationships/Marriage/Family and Reproductive Rights


It is such a shame, that one of the hardest jobs in the world is one of the most undervalued jobs in the world. My mom always tells me, think long and hard before you have children, because raising babies is the hardest thing you will ever do. It is so unfortunate that after women have accomplished so much that we are still undervalued. In the article it even explains that a distinguished economist said he believed that raising children was one of the most important jobs in the world. If children aren’t tended to at home and raised to be an upstanding human being, then who will run our country? Be our future leaders? Women are penalized for giving up their careers and staying home to make sure their children have the interaction they need, and yet there is no wealth attached to that. In fact “Social Security confirmed that her decision to be the responsible, primary parent had reduced the government pension by hundreds of dollars a month in retirement income,” (The Price of Motherhood. Ann Crittenden. Page 189). The common misconception is that these caretakers or mothers are undereducated and couldn’t hold any other positions, when in fact it is the exact opposite. Most stay at home moms have college degrees and before their pregnancies often held high paying jobs. It is incredible that the value of the work these stay at home moms do is so undervalued.  For my outside source I choose a poem, it is different than an article but it really shows how highly mothers are held in the eyes of her child. The importance of motherhood cannot be replaced, and it’s a shame that society can’t give credit where credit is due. Perfect Mother

On the other hand is the fact that society pressures women into getting married and having children. Which is something I completely disagree with; motherhood should be a choice not a social demand. Women that choose to be unmarried and childless are not less of a woman because of their choices. Maybe they simply decided they could not care for children, or did not want to take on such a huge task. Women should be able to make that choice. My mom always tells me that motherhood takes understanding, compassion, and a sense of selflessness. Once a woman has children her life generally revolves around them, some women aren’t made with these qualities and maybe wouldn’t turn out to be such great mothers. Society shouldn’t pressure women into getting married and having babies, what if the women is a horrible mother and emotionally or physically hurts a child. Women that want babies should have them, but those that don’t shouldn’t. I don’t think anyone should force someone to do so. Men aren’t expected to be married off with kids, so why should women have to? A woman shouldn’t be measure by her husband and children, she should be measure by her accomplishments whether she has a conventional family or not.

The idea of a housewife and housework is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just because I am a woman does not mean I enjoy to cook or clean. In fact I hate cleaning, and I am not good at it. All my life my guy friends have made jokes about the kitchen and how messy my room is. But if I was a male my room being a mess wouldn’t be such a huge issue. Just because women have been expected to cook and clean and care for the home doesn’t mean that’s how it should be. In my household my parents split everything; actually my dad normally does the laundry and the cleaning. My mom does cook, but my dad always cleans everything up afterwards because he respects the fact that my mom worked all day and came home and cooked for the family. Household responsibilities should be split if both the man and the women have a job. The house is owned by the couple, so why should it not be cared for by the couple? I hate to clean just as much as the next person, so as a woman I should be expected to do it? I don’t think so.


Reproductive Justice

I feel like this issue is something that is constantly addressed. No one can ever decide what is the right or wrong answer. In my opinion I don’t know if there is a correct answer to the abortion question. Is terminating an unwanted pregnancy murder? Part of me thinks about the little baby growing inside the belly so innocent and unknowing of the circumstances on the outside, but then other side of me thinks of the cruel world that poor baby will be born into if is unwanted, or not taken care of. Looking at the bigger picture I want to make abortion legal, but I also want to stress the importance of birth control. It kills me every day when people talk about how they have 4 kids at home and how they have to feed them all this and I am sitting here thinking “If you couldn’t afford to have 4 babies, then you shouldn’t have.” Condoms are not expensive, if you can’t afford the pill or some other contraceptive then condoms look to be your best choice, so make that choice. It blows my mind all the time when people are like well we just were in the heat of the moment and didn’t have time, then that brings a baby into a family that doesn’t have the means to care for it.

There are so many issues that come with providing birth control under health insurance, that I don’t want to pay for that girl being easy, or whatever else. But would you rather pay for that girl to prevent a pregnancy, or pay for her child for the next 18 years of its life because she cannot afford it. With this issue there is always a give and take, you have to weigh both sides. Most people want to say, well if you can’t handle the responsibility of a child then don’t have sex, and we all know that isn’t realistic, as much as we would like for it to be so. There are so many variables in making abortion legal. For some people religion plays a factor, for others it’s the legality of the whole issues, for others the moral aspect of it. In the end you have to think about the fetus and the circumstances of the pregnancy, this quote really spoke to me “the concern for fetal life, which allegedly motivates the regulation of pregnant women’s behavior, appears hypocritical when little is being done to improve the social and economic conditions of poverty that endanger so many babies,” (Health and Reproductive Justice. Ruth Hubbard. Pg320). This quote really explains that maybe we should focus on the environment the babies are brought into, versus what happens to the baby in the womb. If that pregnancy is terminated, maybe it could enrich the life of another child that has already been brought into this world.

I found this interesting article, most people don’t believe in abortion because of their religious beliefs. In this post I am trying to be as impartial as I can, but sometimes you have to see both sides to understand the full issue. This article is interesting because it touches some ideas that explain what really defines a baby and life, what defines a fully functioning baby. I think you can believe in pro choice and still be against abortion. If abortion isn’t legalized then women are going to find ways to do it themselves, which could result in the loss of two lives. I think there will always be that difficult circumstance that could warrant an abortion. You can disagree with me if you like, I know we all have different opinions, but here is the article that I based some of my opinion on. Anti-Abortion and Pro Choice


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